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H is for Humor

Paradox #1: humor can create safety when we dive deep into our issues.

Paradox #2: coaching is serious, but we recognize the transformative power of humor.

When I think of the most unhumorous guy, I think of my father. He missed out on the beauty of silliness, creative humor, and stepping outside yourself and dance in the moment - fly a kite, hang on to the string, and let the wind take you to new places.

“Humor is the good-natured side of a truth.” Quoted in Mark Twain and I, Opie Read

For a long time, I was like my dad. I missed amazing moments of discovery and curiosity while raising our two precious daughters.

And then, I was given another chance when seven of our grandchildren ‘refeathered’ our nest.

Now life is full. I’ve discovered the wonder of fun and humor. I’ve discovered new perspectives and a renewed understanding of who I am.

I coach to help others know who they are. And become all they want to be.

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